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The new Micro® innovation: Mini Micro 3in1
With in-out seat for use as a walking scooter 
With an in-out low O-Bar steering wheel for a smoother climb 
With a T-Bar handle to turn into Mini Micro 
All in one package 
Weight just 1,5kg 
Patented, Swiss Design 
Game of the Year 2012


What do you do when your older brother or sister is already going with Mini Micro and our younger friends want to get involved in the fun but it’s still early? Open a way for the infant express! With the Mini Micro with a seat, now the smaller ones come into play.

The Mini Micro with Seat and O-Bar is a multifunctional vehicle that can be enjoyed by all children from the age of 12 months to 5 years in three different variants. Fun starts for children from 1 year of age who can use the Mini board with the seat and the low steering wheel in the shape of O as a mix of scooter-walker and Mini Micro. The infant learns to turn his vehicle through weight transfer, which makes a decisive contribution to promoting the development of his motor skills and the sense of balance.
After a few months, when the child feels more confident and better controls his body, we remove the seat and the product is used upright. At this stage the child learns to make a skateboard with the low O-Bar steering wheel that is easier to grasp than the T-Bar. 
And when the child is big enough (about 2.5 – 3 years old) we replace the O-Bar with the T-Bar and we have our favorite Mini Micro! 
The Mini Micro with Seat and O-Bar was the inspiration for the development of the Mini Micro, a product that has received many awards and has been voted the game of the year.


Micro Scooter

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