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Providing the best of both worlds the three – wheeled scooter comes with a T – bar and handle joystick and allows you to choose and match your style. Ideal for adults who want to go for walks or go somewhere quickly and easily.

    • It has an interchangeable Joystick and T – bar

    • Based on wood and fiberglass to absorb even more impact on uneven surfaces and asphalt vibrations

    • The special folding mechanism makes storage and transport easier

  • Three wheels for more stability and balance

Color: Polished Aluminum 
Age: 12 to Adult 
Maximum Weight: 100-110kg 
Weight Scooter: 4.8 kg 
Material Base: Wood / Fiber 
Length Base: 44 cm 
wheelbase: 63 mm 
Wheels: (front): 120 mm (rear): 100 mm 
Material Wheels: PU 87o shoreA 
Bearings / Bearings: Abec 5 
Dimensions (folded): 75x17x25 cm 
Dimensions (unfolded): 75x103x25 cm


    Micro Scooter

    Additional information

    Weight 3.0 kg