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Micro® made its miracle again and created a new Kickboard® for you with an interchangeable T-Bar and Joystick.

    • The Compact Kickboard Scooter with interchangeable T-Bar and Joystick in is an excellent three-stroke kickboard scooter suitable for adults and children over 10 years old.

    • It has an interchangeable Joystick and T – bar

    • Excellent kickboard scooter scooter with excellent stability, suitable for older children and perfect for beginners of scooting

    • Kickboard three-wheelers offer the same special mechanism on the front wheels, which allows the skateboard to be pulled through weight transfer, such as Mini and Maxi

    • 100% resistant aluminum frame

    • Strength of weight up to 110kg

    • Adjustable steering wheel height

  • Stunning Swiss design

Color: Black 
Age: 10 years and older 
Maximum weight: 100-110 kg 
Maximum height: 92 cm 
Deck length: 340 mm 
Wheel size: 120 mm / 100 mm 
Wheelbase: 48 cm 
Wheel material: PU 87o shoreA 
Bearings / Bearings: ABEC 5 
Skate weight: 3.5 kg


    Micro Scooter

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    Weight 3.0 kg