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Product Description: 

After the big success of the current model Buddy Red, market- research has show that the colour combination red/yellow is not very attractive anymore for the target group (boys & Girls age 3-8). Therefore our R&D dept developed 2 new models one for boys and one especially for girls. These models are off course based on the current Buddy model so also compact, very light and with 12” ball-bearing wheels with pneumatic tyres.These Buddy models also have the unique patented BFR-hub for intuitively use by kids: forward drive, reverse drive, freewheel and braking by using pedal action only! Because of the BFR the BERG Buddy combines optimum safety with maximum driving pleasure. And after you finished your race, the BERG Buddy is very easy to store! With only 17kg of weight, 110 cm long and 65 cm broad you can easily lift the Buddy and put him straight-up in your garage.

Quality and Safety:

BERG represents quality and safety! Playing outdoors without a care in the world; that is our basic principle. BERG products are robust, of guaranteed quality, completely safe and extensively tested. Thanks to in-house designs and continuous quality control, BERG makes the difference.

Product Specifications:

  • Can be driven forwards and in reverse, thanks to the BFR.
  • Optimum safety, thanks to an automatically operating back-pedal brake (BFR). 
  • Optimum safety, thanks to the freewheel (BFR).
  • Many years of driving pleasure, thanks to the adjustable steering wheel.
  • Many years of driving pleasure, thanks to the adjustable seat (3 positions).
  • Perfect road holding thanks to swing axle.
  • Fast and manoeuvrable thanks to 12” ball bearing wheels with pneumatic tyres. 
  • Compact, very light and therefore easy-to-store (straight-up position).
  • New design seat; same quality but much lighter than common seats.
  • Tested under extreme conditions with positive results.
  • CE and TÜV approved
  • Dimesions: Length 112cm x height 50-65cm x width 65cm
  • Approximate weight: 18kg



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Weight 18.0 kg