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ARNOLD THE AVOCADO is a chewable fruit-shaped baby toy. Its soft texture makes it a perfect teether for the little ones stimulating baby’s senses and soothing teething gums while introducing them into a healthy lifestyle from a young age.
Did you know that the avocado is vitamin-rich and chock-full of important nutrients? It’s the fashionable fruit!
This natural teether will accompany the little ones during the bath time, contributing in turn to the development of their senses and perceptions.

Introduce your baby into a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Give children the opportunity to learn from an early age the importance of fruits, vegetables and a healthy lifestyle through Oli & Carol’s wonderful range of chewing gum!

Children are crazy about the texture of natural rubber, they are relieved by the pains of teething, while at the same time they get acquainted and learn to love fruits and vegetables from infancy! Ideal for the bathroom!

  • Made of 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees.
  • Soft, easy to hold and safe to chew.
  • Hand painted with safe and natural dyes.
  • Completely safe for children, non-toxic. Certified by Bureau Veritas. Free of PVC, BPA, phthalates and nitrosamines.
  • High hygiene, no mold. None of the designs have holes, thus preventing the presence and growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Designed in Barcelona, built in Morocco.
  • Handmade, taking care of every detail. There may be small differences in color and shape.
  • Socially responsible. With every Oli & Carol game you buy, you help to educate children in India.
  • Ecological game, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • It is used as a chewing gum, as a bath toy, as a decorative object and much more.
  • It stimulates the senses, relieves toothache. Kids love the texture of natural rubber from Hevea trees.

Cleaning and care:

  • To clean it, simply wash it with soapy water and wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Store in a dry place. If it stays on the side of the bathroom or on a tile that may be slightly wet, the toy will start to mold (like all natural products). Drying is required after use.
  • Do not leave the toy in direct sunlight or in any artificial light for a long time, as the color may fade.
  • Remove the package and all labels before giving the toy to a child.
  • The game is 100% natural, so small imperfections or inconsistencies are considered normal.
  • Do not sterilize it.



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