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Produkte der Marke Nailmatic

Nailmatic: Die unterhaltsame und sichere Nagellackmarke für Kinder


Nailmatic is a French brand that offers a range of fun and safe nail polishes for kids. The brand was founded in 2012 by Boris Gratini and Lilian Monnier, who wanted to create a product that was both fun and safe for children to use. Nailmatic's mission is to make nail polish fun and accessible for everyone, while also being environmentally friendly.

Was macht Nailmatic einzigartig?

Nailmatic is unique because it offers a range of nail polishes that are specifically designed for kids. The brand's Nagellack are water-based, which means they are free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, and fragrance. This makes them safe for children to use, and also means that they are environmentally friendly.

Nailmatic's nail polishes come in a range of fun and vibrant colours, and are easy to apply and remove. The brand also offers a range of nail care products, such as nail files and cuticle oil, to help keep kids' nails healthy and strong.

Another unique aspect of Nailmatic is its packaging. The brand's nail polishes come in cute and colourful Flaschen die so gestaltet sind, dass sie Kinder ansprechen. Auch die Verpackung ist umweltfreundlich: Die Flaschen sind aus Glas und die Verschlüsse aus biologisch abbaubarem Kunststoff.


In conclusion, Nailmatic is a fun and safe nail polish brand for kids that is environmentally friendly. The brand's water-based Nagellack are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for children to use. Nailmatic's range of fun and vibrant colours, along with its cute and colourful packaging, make it a popular choice for parents and kids alike.

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